The importance of human relations for security officers

Security officers are the first visitors or employees come in contact with at the organizations. They serve a protection to the organization and help those who are in need of assistance. Not only this much but also they serve to provide the first impressions of their security department and the organization as a whole. It is for this reason is another major role for security offers to attain.

Importance of Human Relations for Security Officers

And it does not come without a lot of fear about a large workforce losing their jobs and means of making a living. Along with the revolution of technologies people are facing problems related to lack of jobs opportunities because technologies are eliminating jobs.

Problem with robots to act on uncertain (un-programmed) logical situations

Though security robots exist today, they are still in a bit primitive state. There are many people who believe that robot security will replace many human security guards jobs. It is true that computer can compute various numbers even better and faster than humans but there is also a fact that it doesn't have the ability to adapt to new situation to the magnitude as human security officers can. In other words security robots will not be able to understand everything which means that they won't be able to modify and alter to certain situations.

Restrictions and cutbacks of robots

A robots has restricted and compact functionalities because it can only function in the way it is designed. It cannot perform any task that has not been programmed into it. For example, security robots at the entrance of airport may be tasked with scanning visitors. However, if a visitor act suspiciously and runs away, the robot will not be able to chase them if they have not been programmed for that, but in case of a human security guard present at an entrance, if they see a suspect run away, they will quickly chase and capture the suspect. It is this cutback in capabilities that will always give human security guards a massive edge over pre-programmed robots.

Problem of being hacked

Robots security guards cannot makes judgements on their own, they do not have ability to think or reason based on certain unplanned circumstances. Their functionalities is to operate as commanded or as they are programmed. A robot is a creation of human technology that is responsive to work of an expert hacker. This is one of the greatest problem when it comes to the idea of robot security guards. Therefore, an event manager can rest assured in the quality of being trustworthy of their human security guards and their abilities to protect in case of an attack or robbery in the house or building occupied by a business or considered in official context.

However, robots offers no emotion. They lack in creative problem solving and can not understand irrational thoughts like we humans, which is really a glaring issue reason why robots can’t replace human security.

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